(PECL SDO >= 0.5.0)

SCA_SoapProxy::createDataObjectCreate an SDO


SCA_SoapProxy::createDataObject ( string $type_namespace_uri , string $type_name ) : SDO_DataObject

この関数は、 実験的 なものです。この関数の動作・ 名前・その他ドキュメントに書かれている事項は、予告なく、将来的な PHP のリリースにおいて変更される可能性があります。 この関数は自己責任で使用してください。

This method is used inside either an ordinary PHP script or an SCA component that needs to create an SDO to pass to a web service. The parameters are the desired SDO's namespace URI and type name. The namespace and type must be defined in the interface of the component that is to be called, so the namespace and type must be defined within the WSDL for the web service. If the web service is also an SCA component then the types will have been defined within one of the schema files which are specified on the @types annotation within the component for which the SCA_SoapProxy object is a proxy.



The namespace of the type.


The name of the type.


Returns the newly created SDO_DataObject.

エラー / 例外


Thrown if the namespaceURI and typeName do not correspond to a type found in the WSDL that was used to initialise this SCA_SoapProxy.