(PHP 5, PHP 7)

substr_compareBinary safe comparison of two strings from an offset, up to length characters


substr_compare ( string $main_str , string $str , int $offset [, int $length [, bool $case_insensitivity = FALSE ]] ) : int

substr_compare() compares main_str from position offset with str up to length characters.



The main string being compared.


The secondary string being compared.


The start position for the comparison. If negative, it starts counting from the end of the string.


The length of the comparison. The default value is the largest of the length of the str compared to the length of main_str minus the offset.


If case_insensitivity is TRUE, comparison is case insensitive.

Valorile întoarse

Returns < 0 if main_str from position offset is less than str, > 0 if it is greater than str, and 0 if they are equal. If offset is equal to (prior to PHP 7.2.18, 7.3.5) or greater than the length of main_str, or the length is set and is less than 0, (or, prior to PHP 5.5.11, less than 1) substr_compare() prints a warning and returns FALSE.

Istoricul schimbărilor

Versiune Descriere
7.2.18, 7.3.5 offset may now be equal to the length of main_str.
5.5.11 length may now be 0.
5.1.0 Added the possibility to use a negative offset.


Example #1 A substr_compare() example

echo substr_compare("abcde""bc"12); // 0
echo substr_compare("abcde""de", -22); // 0
echo substr_compare("abcde""bcg"12); // 0
echo substr_compare("abcde""BC"12true); // 0
echo substr_compare("abcde""bc"13); // 1
echo substr_compare("abcde""cd"12); // -1
echo substr_compare("abcde""abc"51); // warning

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