Constante predefinite

Constantele de mai jos sunt definite de această extensie și vor fi disponibile doar dacă această extensie a fost compilată în interiorul PHP, sau a fost încărcată dinamic în timpul rulării.

Inotify constants usable with inotify_add_watch() and/or returned by inotify_read()
IN_ACCESS (integer)
File was accessed (read) (*)
IN_MODIFY (integer)
File was modified (*)
IN_ATTRIB (integer)
Metadata changed (e.g. permissions, mtime, etc.) (*)
IN_CLOSE_WRITE (integer)
File opened for writing was closed (*)
File not opened for writing was closed (*)
IN_OPEN (integer)
File was opened (*)
IN_MOVED_TO (integer)
File moved into watched directory (*)
IN_MOVED_FROM (integer)
File moved out of watched directory (*)
IN_CREATE (integer)
File or directory created in watched directory (*)
IN_DELETE (integer)
File or directory deleted in watched directory (*)
IN_DELETE_SELF (integer)
Watched file or directory was deleted
IN_MOVE_SELF (integer)
Watch file or directory was moved
IN_CLOSE (integer)
IN_MOVE (integer)
IN_ALL_EVENTS (integer)
Bitmask of all the above constants
IN_UNMOUNT (integer)
File system containing watched object was unmounted
IN_Q_OVERFLOW (integer)
Event queue overflowed (wd is -1 for this event)
IN_IGNORED (integer)
Watch was removed (explicitly by inotify_rm_watch() or because file was removed or filesystem unmounted
IN_ISDIR (integer)
Subject of this event is a directory
IN_ONLYDIR (integer)
Only watch pathname if it is a directory (Since Linux 2.6.15)
IN_DONT_FOLLOW (integer)
Do not dereference pathname if it is a symlink (Since Linux 2.6.15)
IN_MASK_ADD (integer)
Add events to watch mask for this pathname if it already exists (instead of replacing mask).
IN_ONESHOT (integer)
Monitor pathname for one event, then remove from watch list.

Notă: The events marked with an asterisk (*) above can occur for files in watched directories.