Constante predefinite

Constantele de mai jos sunt definite de această extensie și vor fi disponibile doar dacă această extensie a fost compilată în interiorul PHP, sau a fost încărcată dinamic în timpul rulării.

The following constants are meant to be used with parse_url() and are available since PHP 5.1.2.

PHP_URL_SCHEME (integer)
PHP_URL_HOST (integer)
Outputs the hostname of the URL parsed.
PHP_URL_PORT (integer)
Outputs the port of the URL parsed.
PHP_URL_USER (integer)
Outputs the user of the URL parsed.
PHP_URL_PASS (integer)
Outputs the password of the URL parsed.
PHP_URL_PATH (integer)
Outputs the path of the URL parsed.
PHP_URL_QUERY (integer)
Outputs the query string of the URL parsed.
Outputs the fragment (string after the hashmark #) of the URL parsed.

The following constants are meant to be used with http_build_query().

PHP_QUERY_RFC1738 (integer)
Encoding is performed per » RFC 1738 and the application/x-www-form-urlencoded media type, which implies that spaces are encoded as plus (+) signs.
PHP_QUERY_RFC3986 (integer)
Encoding is performed according to » RFC 3986, and spaces will be percent encoded (%20).