Această extensie » PECL nu este încorporată în PHP.

Informație despre instalarea acestei extensii PECL poate fi găsită în capitolul manualului, întitulat Instalarea extensiilor PECL. Informații adiționale, cum ar fi lansări noi, descărcări, fișiere-sursă, informații despre persoana care întreține extensia și istoria schimbărilor poate fi localizată aici: »

There are two packages for this extension: one package is for PHP versions 5.2.X, and the other package is for PHP 5.3.X. Select the package that is appropriate for the PHP version being used.

To install and enable the extension, follow these steps:

  1. Unpack the package into some temporary location.

  2. Copy the php_wincache.dll file into the PHP extensions folder. Typically this folder is called "ext" and it is located in the same folder with all PHP binary files. For example: C:\Program Files\PHP\ext.

  3. Using a text editor, open the php.ini file, which is usually located in the same folder where all PHP binary files are. For example: C:\Program Files\PHP\php.ini.

  4. Add the following line at the end of the php.ini file: extension = php_wincache.dll.

  5. Save and close the php.ini file.

  6. Recycle the IIS Application Pools for PHP to pick up the configuration changes. To check that the extension has been enabled, create a file called phpinfo.php with a PHP code that calls phpinfo function.

  7. Save the phpinfo.php file in the root folder of a IIS web site that uses PHP, then open a browser and make a request to http://localhost/phpinfo.php. Search within the returned web page for a section called wincache. If the extension is enabled, then the phpinfo output will list the configuration settings provided by the WinCache.

Notă: Do not forget to remove phpinfo.php file from the web site's root folder after verifying that extension has been enabled.