(PHP 7 >= 7.2.0)

sapi_windows_vt100_supportGet or set VT100 support for the specified stream associated to an output buffer of a Windows console.


sapi_windows_vt100_support ( resource $stream [, bool $enable ] ) : bool

If enable is omitted, the function returns TRUE if the stream stream has VT100 control codes enabled, FALSE otherwise.

If enable is specified, the function will try to enable or disable the VT100 features of the stream stream. If the feature has been successfully enabled (or disabled), the function will return TRUE, or FALSE otherwise.

At startup, PHP tries to enable the VT100 feature of the STDOUT/STDERR streams. By the way, if those streams are redirected to a file, the VT100 features may not be enabled.

If VT100 support is enabled, it is possible to use control sequences as they are known from the VT100 terminal. They allow the modification of the terminal's output. On Windows these sequences are called Console Virtual Terminal Sequences.


This function uses the ENABLE_VIRTUAL_TERMINAL_PROCESSING flag implemented in the Windows 10 API, so the VT100 feature may not be available on older Windows versions.



The stream on which the function will operate.


If specified, the VT100 feature will be enabled (if TRUE) or disabled (if FALSE).

Valorile întoarse

If enable is not specified: returns TRUE if the VT100 feature is enabled, FALSE otherwise.

If enable is specified: Întoarce valoarea TRUE în cazul succesului sau FALSE în cazul eșecului.


Example #1 sapi_windows_vt100_support() default state

By default, STDOUT and STDERR have the VT100 feature enabled.

php -r "var_export(sapi_windows_vt100_support(STDOUT));echo ' ';var_export(sapi_windows_vt100_support(STDERR));"

Exemplul de mai sus va afișa ceva similar cu:

true true

By the way, if a stream is redirected, the VT100 feature will not be enabled:

php -r "var_export(sapi_windows_vt100_support(STDOUT));echo ' ';var_export(sapi_windows_vt100_support(STDERR));" 2>NUL

Exemplul de mai sus va afișa ceva similar cu:

true false

Example #2 sapi_windows_vt100_support() changing state

You won't be able to enable the VT100 feature of STDOUT or STDERR if the stream is redirected.

php -r "var_export(sapi_windows_vt100_support(STDOUT, true));echo ' ';var_export(sapi_windows_vt100_support(STDERR, true));" 2>NUL

Exemplul de mai sus va afișa ceva similar cu:

true false

Example #3 Example usage of VT100 support enabled

fwrite($out'Just forgot a lettr.');
// Moves the cursor two characters backwards
// Inserts one blank, shifting existing text to the right -> Just forgot a lett r.
fwrite($out"\033[[email protected]");

Exemplul de mai sus va afișa:

Just forgot a letter.